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Finding a Mentor

I feel like I see a, “how do I find a mentor?” post or an email asking about mentorship twice a week at the very least.

I wrote this to answer those questions.

Finding a mentor isn’t some magical moment where you meet and someone puts their hand on your head saying, “I will mentor you, my child.”


Finding a mentor is really just a matter of keeping communication lines open. Once you meet someone, continue talking and building a relationship with them. There’s so many ways to do this. Go to a meetup, chat with people in forums or Facebook groups, have a coffee chat, video chat someone, email someone (as if they’re your pen pal, not like a cover letter).

What you should look for in a mentor

How to be a good mentee

Thank you to my mentors

My mentors are amazing women who I look up to every single day as they’re making the world a better place. I’m going to link to their Twitter handles here, and tell you how I met each of them.

These women have helped me probably more than they can imagine, even when they’re just a listening ear when I’m asking endless questions about what I should do next with my career or how I should approach certain situations. They’re amazing, influential, and make a real difference in hundreds (even thousands) of lives with their work, and I strive to be like them someday.

I hope that you find someone like them to work with. It’s, in the realest sense of the phrase, life-changing.

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